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I posted this on the private boaters board but thought it might be more appropriate on here. My cousin went out of Newport to look for threshers on Friday night at about 5:30 and made some bait then headed towards Laguna. Started trolling about 4 miles out of the harbor about 2 miles off main beach. After about an hour and a half we started thinking we must be doing something wrong being pretty new at thresher fishing. Just then and literally 2 minutes after the sun went below the horizon we see this huge 6 or 7 foot tail thrashing around right in the middle of our spread. We are on our 20? center consol the Red Rocket and I start thinking ?Were gonna need a bigger boat?! Being pretty clueless about what to do we kept on trolling at the same spread not wanting to change anything with the chance of scaring the shark away. Hindsight I guess we should have done something else since the shark went under after about 45 seconds of thrashing around never to be seen again. We circled around and trolled in the area for about 20 more minutes until it was too dark to see but no more action. Reeled both bait-o-matics in and both mackerels where surgically sliced right in half, leaving basically just the head on the hook.
I?m sure there is standard procedure and I?m guessing I should have either gone into neutral or free spooled to let the shark come back and eat the bait. That would also probably improve the chances of a mouth hook and be better for releasing the fish right?
Either way what an exciting night one the water. It?s now the next morning and I can?t get the vision out of my head of that huge tail thrashing around just 30 yards from our boat! I can?t wait to get back out there.
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