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Taking my 11y/o Daughter Fishing in SD Harbor.

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I could use a little assist.

I just finished rigging my new "inshore" 16ft deep & wide with lights,GPS/Fishfinder and safety equipment. I want to take my daughter out fishing in SD harbor to make bait for lobster hooping (picked up 5 nets) Anyway, we did run out to the bait barge last week and fished around the docks, no luck with macs. My daughter has expressed an intrest in fishing and I really want to encourage her. I don't want to take her out again and have no fish, it can turn kids off quickly. So if anyone can suggest a place (not your hot spots) just an area with a good chance for her to tug on a fish or two I would greatly appreciate your recommendation.

Many thanks!!
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go sraight out the harbor past the point about half mile if it looks to ruff for your boat turn back, if it looks good turn north when you start seeing lobster trap buoys start there. chum a little dog or cat food. lucky joes in red and yellow work good or small trout lures if you want to play with them on light line.You will also catch bass and if you have live bait mabey a yellow but go a little deeper for them. A spot that gave up some bugs for us was the getty 15 feet to 35 feet not to many keepers but a good place to learn. hope this helps good luck.

(fishhawk) jim
When I'm desperate to put the 12, 10 and 8 year olds on some reliable fish I do one or both of the following. The first works best on an actual break-wall and not a jetty.

Technique 1, either float, or anchor near a convenient break-wall. Pin a small chovie / dine onto 10lb and cast the thing as close as you can get to the break-wall. If you are hitting the rocks, that's perfect. The bait will swim away from the wall and generally down to where the calico's and sandies are waiting to ambush it.

Technique 2, anchor out of the traffic lanes but still near a channel and put a frozen squirt on the bottom. Its ALMOST a guarantee to put a mud marlin on the line and more often than not a sandie, calico or even butt.

Have fun,

A couple of spots for bass.

1) Between the yellow buoy and shoal piling off of Bali Hai
2) Just south of the Coronado Bay bridge in about 8-12 of water and into the "channel".

Throw plastics, let them hit bottom and retrieve slowly. The fish aren't big but its always been successful for me.

Have fun.
I've never caught much Mackerel or Bonito around the receivers
in Sandy Eggo Bay. I've caught some Halibut, and seen a lot
more caught around the receivers APPRX 3-4 months from now.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Thanks Gents!

I will give your recommended areas and techniques a try. I know I have a steep learning curve for fishing the area, but I'm looking forward to the challange and the smiles on my daughters' face as she boats fish.

Best of luck to you all this fishing season!

Great area for bass is the channel going into Coronado yacht club. You can even launch from Coronado to save having to run there from SI. For bait, save the hassle and time and go to the bait barge with a bucket and get a half scoop of dines. Chop them up with a mutt or something similar and you'll have what all the successful lobster guys use.
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