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We had a total of 12 guys working on the WSB pens for 4.5 hours today. At least 4 of tthem answerd my call for help on the net!!

I forgot my camera but one of the giuys had a camera phone he will send me the photos so I can Post them.

We will take delivery of the new fish next week and it was critical to clean off the nets so they would not be too clogged up with marine growth. The guys jumped in and all worked hard and well together.

Thank You, Thank You Thank You,

Jeff Rose aka J Woodman,
Ed Askew aka Dancing Dolphin,
Genero Gomez aka Calibear,
Cris Carter,
Ron Creager,

Wade Ambrose, CIYC
Jim Esselstein, CIYC
Dick Olsen, CIYC
Bob Deyling, CIYC
Bill Coltrin, CIYC
George Arglen, CIYC
Frank Sullivan, CIYC,


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RE: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

it's GREAT to hear that so many people were willing to take a day off and help out with the pens. i wish i could have gone myself.

let me us know when you need help again, i'd love to help out if i have the day free.

Gettin' Ugly
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