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Thanks Sternhog1

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Thanks to Mike Ross/Sternhog1
Yellowfin400 Danny & I were at Mark Wisch's Pacific Edge for a couple of days installing a 50 watt radio and 10 DB antenna for one of our base stations for Reel Time Reports this past few days.
Mike & his wife Sandy who live nearby invited us over for an incredable steak dinner with Baked potatos, free flowing good wine and a soak in their spa. What a life. They have a great home with a rock waterfall spa that looks like something out of Magic Mountain.
We really had a great time.
We will have our base station up and running through next week and should get signal from the Islands to Long Beach to Dana Point.
This is the first of many base stations around the world and we wish to also thank Mark & Chris Wisch.
PS: I really enjoyed meeting Betafish2 who works with Mark. He is a great fisherman and has tons of top info. Stop in and see him at Pacific Edge where you can find him when he isn't fishing.
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Hey Don,
It was a pleasure having you guys over. Nice company and conversation!! Lets do it again.

Hey John......Those are old photos......where did you find those? The landscaping has really grown in a LOT more now. It looks more like a jungle now :)

and with the waterfall going it looks more like this:

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You posted the pictures in this thread last July Mike.
That's where I found them.

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