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I've Used SST Rods Off The PNW to Hawaii & The Feel & Action is Tops!

Okuma has always produced some very notable rod lines over the years. Rockaways. SST's. Guide Select Pro's. PCH! They're one of the reasons Okuma has climbed the fishing equipment market to be recognized as the World's 3rd Largest Distributor of fishing rods & reels. Well, owning your own milling companies does help along with bringing in some of the best innovative minds out there.

I'm gearing-up for a hopefully good summer of fishing in Hawaii. These rods i've received are dual purpose rods to my style of fishing. I can jig off the shorelines to casting Hammerbombs with grubs to chucking out a bait for Bonefish & Jacks when needed. They're lightweight rods but resilient & tough all between 9-10ft in roughly Med power. All rods will have 4K spinners with line that's either 15 or 20lb test.

I love to hike into far places. Having a light weight 1 rod w/1-reel really helps. I need to cast weighted grubs to lures & jigs from the shoreline. When my arm is tired I like to catch a crab & toss it out while taking a break. I need equipment that handles my requirements. Okuma has provided me with equipment that does what i require & the MSRP isn't on the high side. Thanks Okuma.



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