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Okuma'a 10' Nomad Travel Surf Rod w/TSA Approved PVC Case!

As soon as i laid eyes on this i was impressed. How can a 4pc travel rod be so sturdy? And comes in a nearly indestructible free case as well? I've seen & tried travel rods almost all my life. Just from the stats & the feel, i think this might be "the one". One would expect a feeling of "flimsiness" of any 4pc rod. Surf rods by definition has to be sturdy and able to handle large strikes. Not only are these rods sturdy for surf casting but are equally good as plugging/popping rods as well.

Here are the stats for those interested in reading on-

Okuma's 10' Heavy 4pc Nomad Surf Travel Rod (NTS-S-1004H)
10ft Length.
17-40lb monofilament line.
30-65lb braided line.
Handles 2-6oz.
Spigot ferrule connection.
Med-fast taper.
Rubber butt.
X-Shrink wrap on fore & rear grips.
5 guides & 1 tip.
Free pvc waterproof case meets TSA regulations.
24 ton carbon.
1-yr limited warranty.
MSRP- "Check online".



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