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“I really needed this”.
I’ve been in a bit of a funk since my truck got stolen last month, right before I left for the BOLA tournament. I got a new truck, my Sentri Card and Passport replaced, and I got to San Quintin this past weekend for the next tournament.

I thank God that not only did I make it there and back “safe and sound,” but we even managed to tie for First with a 20.5-pound ling cod and a 16-pound yellowtail. The team we tied with weighed in before us, and that was the tiebreaker that put us in Second Place, but I was more than happy with that. Plus, the ling cod won us the bottom fish jackpot, giving us a total payout of $87,000 pesos (about $4,300 US). That paid for our whole trip, plus a little more. We even brought home some nice fish fillets.

The Copa Baja California was a great event, and I am thankful that my fishing buddy, Pat McDonell, made the trip with me. I talked Juan Cook into taking us out to fish the tournament, and it took so much stress off me to be able to fish with him since he has everything dialed in wherever he fishes. I needed this trip; I just needed to get over feeling violated by the theft of my truck and backpack in broad daylight. I’m very blessed!Chris Wheaton

The Copa Baja California 3rd round
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