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Okuma Now Offers Stretchable Fluorocarbon For Your Leader Material!

Okuma's Soft Steel monofilament, braid & fluorocarbon has been around outfitting the Sand Diego tuna jigging charters for years. Line has brought in countless Blue & Yellowfin Tunas. Now it's been bought-out by Okuma and is being offered on their web site.

The Stretchable Fluorocarbon line has been changing everyone's game. Imagine a fluorocarbon that stretches!? Unheard of! All the positive attributes of monofilament that includes knot strength in fluorocarbon. I'm sold. I have all new lines for my gear from Soft Steel. I also have a line spooler from Sportsman Innovations so i can spool my own reels.

Soft Steel Stretchable Fluorocarbon-
"Stretch is a desired characteristic for improved knot strengths (17% to 30% better knot strength) and the bit of give helps to not pull hooks at the end of a fight or wear big holes in the mouth around the hook".

BD Outdoors tested the 40lb Stretchable Fluorocarbon to 56lbs (the max their line test puller could go). Didn't break. That says it all folks!



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