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My Most Busted-Up Jig Still Draws Strikes!

I'm sure most of us have placed our faith in our equipment to catch fish. From our favorite lure to our "lucky" rig! Well, i'm part of that group. I've been using this one color of Tracershot Jigs by Mustad since this Spring. This lure has caught over a dozen good sized reef fish. At first i thought that gold/green color was the "secret". But i tried the Chartreuse with the same results. Recently i used a 20g black/silver combo and a GT took it away.

It's these Tracershot Jigs by Mustad. Asymmetrically weighted to act like a wounded fish on the drop. Slow sinking so i can cast it in 2ft of water without snagging the bottom. This one very well used jig pictured in the vid i was going to redo it in touch-up varnish but decided not to. It's still hooking fish! If it's not broken why fix it? It's not only the colors but the way the jig lure was designed to present itself to the predator fish by mimicking a wounded fish.

Today i had a decent sized fish on but it "spit hook" when almost to my feet. It happens when the hooks aren't properly set. Still was a decent fun fight. Shows that how we humans perceive the lure differs from a fishes point of view.



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