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With Freelance chartered Sunday, time for the many Davey's Locker
regulars roll off to CATALINA on John Jordan's TIDE CHANGE, with
Brother Bobby on deck and Rob rockin the galley on seas of glass.
Although we slow slid up on some big bonito crashing on 2 of many
BIG baitballs just a mile or 2 from the East End, they all sank out.
We pretty much spent the day from the GS Camp back up to Frog Rock
catching lunker Calicos, and releasing easily over 200 shorts to
live another day. Onboard was our great new local DFG Agent Nick who
spent a brutal hot day measuring and weighing most every fish caught
by all 29 anglers, for the good of our future fisheries. Nick, I might add then had to go study most all night and start finals at
LB State Monday..and we all wish him well, and a JOB WELL DONE.
Our 1st stop even had 3 10-20lb lil' black seabass go wild in 30ft
of water, and after a quick measure by Nick, were easily released.
Later we found the lunacy wild open wind til' you drop small-medium
bonito with a lot of fat Macks mixed in, it was GAME ON. As the limit
on this size is 5, we quit at 123 kept and released a ton of em too!
Even 4 nice Sheephead found their way on 1/0 hooks with squid strips
so everyone got some tasty fish to take home. Thanks to Capt.John,
Bobby and Rob, my rail rat buddies Miguel,Jose,Juan and the rest for
a realy DAMN FUN DAY AT CATALINA. It's wide open now gang. GET OUT!


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