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To release, or not to release...

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...that is the question.

the issue of whether to keep or release fish, bass (calico and sandbass alike) in particular, has been a VERY heated topic on the private boaters fishing reports board over the years. it pops up a few times a year and generally does so as a "reply" to a fishing report someone has posted. and it usually, though not always, comes up when someone tells the original poster that he/she should have released the fish they legally caught. that, in my own personal opinion, has caused some people to either leave allcoast altogether, or to remain a lurker out of fear of being blasted for keeping a fish, not keeping a fish, doing something wrong, ect....

in no way, shape, or form, am i pointing fingers at anyone. i'm also not trying to tell people to keep their opinions to themselves. i personally think people having opinions is a good thing, no matter what side they're on. and debating topics is a great way for everyone to become more informed on topics. but i think it should be done in its own thread, and not done as a "reply" on someone else's fishing report.

so here's my proposal to EVERYONE on allcoast, and to the moderators of allcoast:

let's use THIS thread to let people voice their opinions about keeping or releasing bass. no opinion will be kept quiet. if you think all bass should be released say so. if you think bass over 3 pounds should be released great. if you think it's the angler's choice to keep them or release them i want to hear about it. any and all opinions will be kept on this thread. and if people have scientific data (links to other sites with information about growth rates, reproduction habits, # of eggs big females produce compared to smaller females, ect...) that would be GREAT as well.

i'm guessing/hoping this thread will get into the area of about 100 or more replies. at that point, or at some point after there are say 40 or more replies, the moderators should anchor this thread for the rest of time, forever staying at the top of the Private Boater's BS Board (or whatever the name ends up as) EDITED TO ADD: or put it some other place that's easy to get to, not necessarily at the top of this board. from that point on, when someone posts a fishing report about the epic sandbass or calico bite they got into, and how they kept them all, released them all, kept some, released some, ect..., if you don't agree with their actions you can simply refer them to this thread to help educate that person on the topic.

EXAMPLE: (the report reads) fished HB flats today for full limits of sandbass up to 5 pounds. they bit 'dines, anchovies, and plastics equally. released some, and kept some for dinner.

Gettin' Ugly

in your opinion, you don't agree with my actions. HOWEVER, instead of telling me i should have released all the fish, or kept all the fish, you can simply say something like:

congrats on a great day glendon. sounds like a blast. there's a great debate on whether or not to keep bass here (and then insert the link for this thread).


this will allow the person posting the report to take a look at the debate if he/she wants to, and in their own time. and they won't feel attacked, offended, or otherwise for posting a report. this, in my opinion, will keep people posting, keep people at allcoast, and hopefully make the private boater's fishing reports board better.

anyway, maybe this is all a pipe-dream, but i for one would LOVE to have the private boater's fishing report board back to the way it once was. FULL OF REPORTS. and in my opinion, i think this will help, even if just a little bit.

Gettin' Ugly

ps let the games begin.

EDITED TO ADD: not trying to cause problems here, just suggesting something that i thought MIGHT make things better.
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I'm beggin ya!!!!! As stated in the movie a "Few Good Men"....

"Haven't we covered this?"
i think you lost most of us after the first paragraph of this book.

let me salt it up for you

i'm into catching and selling
i'm so friggin bored i'm thinking of going fishing in the's only suppopsed to get to 17 feet...i've got chinamen screaming for wouldn't believe what they are willing to pay right makes a prime rib from Omaha Steaks look cheap

edit: see?, this post has a little somethingsomething for damn near everyone to get pissed off and bitch about
here's MY proposal to EVERYONE on allcoast, and to the moderators of allcoast:

Let this thread be anchored after 5 replies. :)

Then instead of seeing the "debate" of "to C&R; or not to C&R" only but a few times a year, we can see it every friggin' day right at the top of this board.
in a perfect world, there would be a Wils board
>like i said, maybe it was just a pipe-dream, but i'd LOVE to
>see people STOP giving other people SHITE about what they keep
>and don't keep.

All this post is going to do is get people pissed off at each other. It is the right of the individual angler to keep what he wants and release what he wants. IT'S AN INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. Again, I believe this is just another attempt to pit one person against another.
< i've got chinamen screaming for fish... Oh Boy!!!! Now you did it....

>funny you should say that on here and not when it comes up
>several times a year on the private boaters fishing reports

Actually..I've commented on it in the past. Most recently in the 8-pound Turdroller thread, which was closed because it creates a hostile environment. Check it out.
uh actually, i think it sort of IS going back to the way it used to be... with less government intervention .. i've noticed there is a whole lot less censoring going on and alot more of letting thing play themselves out...
>>i think you lost most of us after the first paragraph of
>sorry to string together so many sentences at once. in a
>nutshell: i'd like to see more reports and less crap, and
>this was an attempt to help achieve that.
>again, a pipe-dream. i'll just have to accept allcoast the
>way it is, and know it'll never go back to the way it was.
>Gettin' Ugly

If your goal is to bring back AC back so people once again post their reports, how does one's opinion regarding catch and release play into it????
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oh well

ah $hit!... another one takes thier ball and goes's getting harder and harder to find anyone to play guys need to give it time.. after a while, the whipping hardly breaks the skin anymore
My take

All Glendon did was start a thread to discuss why people agree or disagree with catch and release. Well catch and release does work, those breeding white cbass from the hatchery are caught hook and line, catch and release also work for freshwater bass. It seems to me that if all big fish were kept that large fish gene might be slowly eliminated.

I personally release all big bass, on occasion we'll keep a few 2 lb bass to eat.

Big fish produce lots of eggs!
RE: My take

Big fish produce lots of eggs!

that's the whole logic behind slot's way past time to put slot limits on bass
RE: My take


I couldn't agree more with slot limits, we need to do what will help in the long run. I've sent out a few emails and I'm trying to get some scientific data on sand bass and calicos.

For starters why don't we cut the sand bass limit to 5 during the spawn? That should save a few 100,000 evry summer!
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