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Top Seabass Boats?

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Who do you bank on?

I think these guys are among the elite:

Island Tak- Ciscos in Oxnard.

Dreamer- Pierpoint SF in Long Beach.

Sea Hawk- Davies Locker in Newport.

There are others who put forth major effort and run high 'n tight.
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You can't forget the Mirage. Joe is top notch. He gets em, always runs a good boat, and is all around first class. One of my favorite boats ever. Always 110% effort with 0% attitude.
Steve B
The elite are without a doubt the Dreamer and Island Tak. All the others mentioned are top notch without a doubt but the two small boats are catching sea bass or starting a sea bass bite when the others are sitting at the dock. Dreamer and Island Tak dont need a fish count to get out. They are full with charters who want to focus on the Grey Ghost! Other guys I would not hestate to fish with are the Apollo, Pac Dawn and Phantom. Top notch all the way!

i've heard that boat always gets the fish, but people are more than a little weary of riding on it because of the dress code. :+

Gettin' Ugly
Iv,e caught more WSB on the Tidechange at berth 55 , run by capt. John Jordan , than any other boat in So. Cal. All the other boats mentioned are great too !!!
I put the "Rail Time" right up with the best of the best on WSB!! Right up with the "Megellan"..........;)

Bent Rods!
For private boaters I vote for Mike on the Freespool.
Pacific Eagle (Port Hueneme Sportfishing)

fear no fish
never forget the pacific eagle out of port hueneme for all of us northern boys.this is a family operation that truly cares.i have been fishing the channel islands since i was a kid (10 years old).i have fished every boat from morrow bay to san diego and these guys are truly monkey business,dead-heads,messing with jackpot,nothing!true professionals at every level.i have caught more limits of white seabass,more yellowtail than i can count,calicos ,rockfish,everything!dont forget about this professional captin,and his awesome never touch a fish on this boat.give them a wont be sorry.for open party reservations or charters (805)488-2212

fear no fish
As Wils posted last year, Steve Kelly could probably catch sea bass in Lake Casitas. There's a reason he's usually sold out, even with one of the most uncomfortable boats around.

I've caught my two biggest sea bass on the Seahawk (when it was in Santa Barbara) and the Tak.

I've also heard good stuff about Old Number 7 in Long Beach, but never been on the boat.

Common Sense is not Common Enough
Ok...if I have to put the Magellan to the side (as if I could hold even a small candle to these professionals - NOT!!)... I'd nominate the Freespool for the PB category :)

Dreamer/Watson is the king according to the people I respect the most on this species. Echo Sternhog on Gary Adam on the Railtime.

But...I'd just as soon go hunt WSB with Mark Wisch as anybody out there. While not a regular charter operator, Mark does take charters on his Parker and I think you've got about as good a chance at a WSB as you can have if you're with him. And you can learn a helluva lot fishing with him on that rig.

Even though I think he's a "marlineer" at heart (couldn't resist John) :) and is the reigning Catalina Classic champion...John King has been know to put a WSB or 2 or 3 on his beautiful 36' custom rig Afishinado which charters out of Avalon.
Jeff and Nick on the Old No. 7 can find the WSB as well....if you don't belive me just ask Saluki (or is he banned)!
First String - Brad Philips @ the helm.

THe skiff boys @ Avalon, they catch the most and talk the least!
Saluki - Oh yeah...that's a PIG of a fish!! That must have been a sweet trip.

Whaler - I definitely agree with you regarding the Avalon local skiffs.

Nice one Saluki......!!!

This one was over 62lbs.......from Farnsworth Bank. :)

Thanks for the kind words Rob. I learned a lot about WSB fishing from Bob Taft when he used to fish up here at the local islands. That was before he became a big shot with a big Topgun boat. I chartered his old Topgun 6-7 times a year and I paid attention when I fished with him. He was one of the best before he left to San Deigo full time.

A couple of other guys that are low key "hotshots" are the Phillips brothers on the Tonnage. They have been fishing Catalina for a lot of years and are very knowledgable on WSB.

Oh second fish over 50lbs below on the Freespool......caught by my brother Scott at SCI.....kind of a lousy photo 1/2 cut off...but you get the idea.....along with a 30lb Halibut my old buddy Kirk is holding. This was some dream weather on this trip.....Flat ride home that day :)

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Mike - if I'm not mistaken, both of those fish are from the past couple of years?? That 62 lber is the catch of a lifetime. I'll bet that some of the best WSB fisherman we have on our coast don't have a personal best that matches that. You are rightly proud of such an amazing fish.

And then there's a whole nother level of monster WSB on 8lb test like Decker and some of these guys do. Amazing records they put up.
Yes Rob, Both of those fish caught during the 2003 season. Getting a WSB over 50lbs, I feel, is a fish of a lifetime for anyone. I felt very honered getting two in one season...let alone a lifetime. Thanks for the compliments very much......! I may never see another one that size again..........but I will always have those memories just putting those two on board the Freespool.

Those guys fishing the light line are real sportsman in my book. I'm sure they loose their fair share many times over. Myself, I prefer using at least 25 to 40 lb test. I like to deep fry mine :) and wash it down with a cold beer.

PS: I'll be at the show Wed for sure!
For me by far The Old #7 is the best. Jeff and Nick have been working together for 5 years or more now. With there new boat they got last year the now have more room and it's alot more comfortable. I have not hesitated to bring freinds, family and clients to fish with Jeff. First Class operation all the way around. The fishing part of wich I have yet to mention has always been outstanding. A few times he has asked do you want to fill the bag with some rockfish when the c-bass have not been the chew to say no way let's stick it out and we have usually nailed them before day's end. I think last year I never landed a c-bass before noon.
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