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Top Ten Stolen Boats

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Maker / Chances per 10,000

Yamaha - 15.30
Kawasaki - 12.8
SeaDoo - 8.19
Mako - 7.0
Chaparral - 5.22
Regal - 4.92
Wellcraft - 3.7
Boston Whaler - 3.36
Four Winns - 3.06
Chris Craft - 2.8
Bayliner - 2.57
Searay - 2.25

Usually about 20', usually on a trailer.
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Even thieves don't want Bayliners........
looks like the top 3 are PWCs. too bad. :( LOL
Sure glad Parkers weren't listed.
I would think Davis Boats and Radons would be high on the list.
Oh well . . . works for me.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
The PWC"s are a no brainer but the #1 boat is Mako? Must be hot in Florida. There just aren't enough on the west coast to be a local problem.
Hey John!

"I would think Davis Boats and Radons would be high on the list."

Why would you think that? Just curious. I would think that they would be the farthest away. Most of the Radon/Davis owners sleep with with a weapon by their side! :)
Chances per 10,000 is probably the key. There probably aren't 10,000 Davis or Radon boats out there, if I read this rating correctly.
RE: Two wordsTim.

You need a tank to tow my tank, forget about an automatic transmission, good luck trying - LOL
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