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Hooked a Cuda on The 3rd Cast Alongside a School of Bonefish!

I've had this Travel Rod for a few months but car issues prevented me from going out far. As an angler i've always loved travel rods. I have a lot of the original Nomad Travel Rods in tubes & cases still. They're easy to attach to your pack hiking into spots or just having one in the back of your car for a fast session.

Of course the main advantage is traveling. Trains, planes or automobiles. The advantages are clear. This model i'm using is a new introduction for 2022 by Okuma. It is the SST-S-1064Ma. Of course SST means "Salmon, Steelhead & Trout". The Newest of the SST's. The color has been changed to a smokey grey to denote its difference. I used a ITX3000 Spinning Reel filled with 10lb Eminent Braid by Soft Steel. Here's the stats-

SST Travel "A" Rod (SST-S-1064Ma)
Line Weight: 8-17lbs
Lure Weight: 3/8-3/4oz
#Guides: 11 + Tip
Product Sections: 4pcs
Rod Length: 10'6"
Rod Power: Medium
Rod Taper: MF (Moderate Fast)
Rod Weight: 7.4oz
Comes in a protective SST rod tube
1yr Limited Warranty



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