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Travel Rods.

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Anybody have an opinion about inshore casting three piece travel rods? Looking at G. Loomis Escape Series, Lamiglas Travel Series, Penn Guide Travel Rods, and St. Croix Tidemaster Inshore Casting Travel Rods. Costa Rica Tarpon, Snook and other assorted fish in mind. I?m thinking about something that will fit in a suitcase. Or is it better to fork over the sixty (one way, so twice) and take a rod tube. What rod tube do you recommend?

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I have a few and have used them a bunch

Last trip was to La Paz. Panga fished and had many YFT to #10-#15 and small dorado.

The rod I used was the Penn Guide Travel PT1530C66 6'6" 3 15-30 with Diawa Sealine 20

It worked well, but overall I would want something with more pulling power next time for those particular fish.

I'd say the rod would be good for inshore fishing, but anything over a #20 fish and your taking too long and beating yourself up.

I also have a Cabelas Salt Stalker spinning rod which has been great for inshore species from Mexico to the Bahamas.

These rods fits perfectly in my suitcase. I no longer travel with a big rod tube, it's too much hassle.

Best of luck!
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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