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Tried The Blue Today As The White Is A Proven Winner!

Got to the bay at first light. It was a minus tide so i switched from my Mustad Jigs to my Flanker Speed Jig Lures by FishLab. These are proven winners at the buoys during the testing phase snagging Tunas to Dorados. They don't float, they are negative sinker styled lures. But they're slow sinkers. During my field testing i found this out. I can cast these into a foot of water & retrieve without snagging the bottom.

Because of this I knew they would be great for plugging the shallows from shore. My last outing using the white produced Jacks to Barracudas. I've had several extremely large cudas following it in but no takers. I had forgotten my GoPro this morning so when i had a strike i had no video camera! I used my Contour Camera that i forgotten at the bottom of my temporary backpack (waiting for another main pack). It ran out of power fast!

With all the negativity surrounding my minus-tide outing i just decided to call it an early morning. Didn't want to get a decent strike with no way of recording it or loose my lure as the rocks were within inches of the surface close to shore. I was amazed that i could cast these +4in Flankers out as far as i do as my smaller more compact Mustad Jigs.



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