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Turtle Paradise
Diving at Turneffe Island Resort is world famous for its amazing coral reef and the wide variety of majestic reef fish and sea life. Many of our guests are surprised by the large number and variety of sea turtles they encounter during their visit. It may not be common knowledge that the country is graced by the presence of one of the world's most endangered marine species. Three varieties of sea turtles (Green, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead) nest in Belize and are regularly located between the coast and the barrier reef. In Belize, as well as across the globe, sea turtles face many threats, in fact, two out of three of the species found in Belize are considered "Endangered" by the World Conservation Union.

loggerhead turtle
Sea turtles are drawn to Belize because of the ideal feeding and nesting grounds. Although they spend their entire lives in the ocean, sea turtles return to sandy beaches to lay their eggs. Females only come onto land for the nesting process, an event that requires incredible exertion. After a long journey to land, the female sea turtle makes a long trek up the beach to lay her eggs. She chooses a well-protected area, above the high tide line, and begins the arduous process of digging the nest. She will lay up to one hundred eggs that will incubate for 30-60 days before hatchlings emerge and make the treacherous trip down the beach and to the sea. For the small percentage of hatchlings that survive the natural predators during the incubation stage, they are greeted by the world with even more predators during their first few years at sea.In coastal communities around the world, including Belize, harvesting of turtle eggs for sale and consumption still occurs. Some communities dependent on egg harvesting for their livelihood, such as those in Costa Rica, are legally allowed to harvest a percentage of the nests; this is not the case in Belize. Sea turtles found on the Belizean nesting beaches have been afforded some protection. This has resulted in 40-70 loggerhead nests lain annually, as well as several green turtle nests. Enjoy a magical swim with one of these truly amazing sea turtles in the pristine waters of Belize.

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