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I love going out shoreline jigging with my buddy Russel Chang. Russel uses a Daiwa Acculite Rod with a Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel. For ultra-lite shoreline jigging you need to use 4lb monofilament line, or less by definition. I sometimes will go UL with Russ but i prefer "bombing" my 20g jigs by using 10lb braid on various rigs.

I too love the fight. If i loose a jig i'm not worried about the cost of that lure. I'm more concerned about the fish. It'll be hard for it to survive trying to eat with a jig lure blocking its mouth. This is why i go 10lb braid direct. The line is thin enough not to be seen in murky estuary waters & on a 3K spinner i can still fill the spool. If the line does snap it's because i've hooked into a large fish. A small 20g jig wouldn't hamper it much & after awhile the duratin hooks on the jig will rust out.

Still i prefer my 10lb braid. After around roughly 80 fish caught shoreline jigging this year i've only lost 2 jigs to fish. One to a GT that took my 20g "Black Flash" Tracershot Jig and the other most likely a large Barracuda that cut the line clean through. Other loses were attributed to flotsam like branches to rock outcroppings at minus tide. Recently i've started using a stronger rig using 15lb mono with a 4K Spinner. Still works but i prefer my lighter rod w/my 3K reel.



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