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Using My Okuma SST & Ceymar Reel w/4lb Monofilament Line!

I was whipping my ultralight rig but wanted to take a lunch break so i placed the rig in a rock spike. To set the spike i ran back to my wagon to get a water-filled bucket. When i returned something struck my squid. Hard. I almost lost my rig! But i was able to grab my SST Rod & fight the fish. It dove into structure where afterwards i inspected the line & it was badly shredded.

After a few minutes i was able to beach the large "Pualu" Surgeonfish. For awhile i didn't even know what i hooked. I had 3 take down heavy strikes latter on but all lines were cut. Bait casting using thin line can be tricky, but fun as the fish can't see the thinner line or smaller hook as easily as normal bait casting. But the resulting action gets the blood flowing!

Toothy critters were around today. The visiting Aussies on the point brought in 1 shark (that was C&R) & i had another swim around my baits. One small turtle unfortunately went down by several sharks. Just wanted to share a typical day for me. Tomorrow it's back to bowling (air conditioning)!



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