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Upcoming PB'er Board Changes.

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The ALLCOAST Fishing Reports Board is going back to
a PB'er Fishing Reports ONLY Board. Soon!

The PB'er Technical Board needs no changes, top notch IMO.

A NEW PB'er Fishing-related Information Board will be added. Soon!

A 4th PB'er Board has been proposed, not sure it will find it's
way immediately or not. If Louis and I have our way it will.

The ALLCOAST site is a constant evolution, always has been always will be.
Some PB'ers will gravitate towards the changes and some will
pull back from the changes, heck some may not even care.

That said, . . . . comment away.

Happy Holidays to everyone from Louis and I!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
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No doubt ... No one posts reports because of the drama anyway. Happy I was here early enough to find the guys I enjoy hanging and fishing with. Such a small group of guys that share info anyway ... I say let those that have been here and know one another post whatever the hell they want on the PB board. Time to start my own site or go back to the cell phone.

Reports Only Coming soon.....

I have always been one for consolidation of info, which would lead you to less boards, not more. In this case however, consolidation of fishing reports is key to our vision of one-stop shopping. I for one use these boards alot before a trip, since I dont get out as much as to do any home work. I dont know what I would do without good fish conditions reporting.

Also, what a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Boat and Trailer tech! I always double check with the experts when I need to get something done on the boat.

Like a good filing cabinet, lets keep the info where it belongs, and where we know to look for info. "On with the new PB boards"!

Thanks for all your participation over the years PB community! Keep Allcoast a friendly and reliable place to get your PB info on the web!
RE: Reports Only Coming soon.....

I don't care about how many boards but would like to able to access the site with my internet enabled PDA/cell phone. While I can get to the site now, the downloads take way too much time. At least for paying members, it would be nice to get to the reports while I am on a trip and near enough to get cell coverage.

So my suggestion is to create a mobile version of at least the Reeltime and Privete Boaters boards that we can easly access while not in front of our PCs.
Hey John, if you want a single board that is dedicated for REPORTS only, it runs the risk of becoming a desert if the current feeling of "why bother to post if somebody's ready to pounce on me" doesn't change. I and many of the guys I know, especially up here (and you know a few of 'em too) in the CIH/SB/Avila/Morro area just won't post trip reports anymore because of the fact that we get fed up seeing guys get nuked for keeping one turdroller, an under limit of checkerboards, or posting about a fun fishing/relaxation vacation and getting threadjacked and called on the carpet because THEIR fun wasn't fun enough for others. And, let's not get into the gory mess when thresher season rolls around!

I'm not saying that a reports only board is a bad idea, I'm just saying that there's often a sanctimonious (with regards to fishing, not religion) tone out there that dissuades people from sharing information. I believe for a PB Reports Board ONLY to succeed, that has to change. And, I don't know how much of that is a moderator's job; after all you can't monitor the board 24/7 and you'll always get called a censor. Rather, it seems to me that it needs to be a change in etiquette, attitude, and self restraint exhibited by the members. In other words, some people need to think more before they type.

I'm fairly active on a NorCal board (no, not Coastside) because that's where I grew up and still fish often...and I must tell you...these guys post reports and share information. They take pride in being buddies...they understand the value of what they have and I've never seen any of the flaming and holier-than-thou chit that seems to be more and more of a common thread around here. The sense of community is's one of the things I enjoy about that site. That's why we up here north of you know where have the CIA Allcoasters, thanks to Frank and Hugh, and our "Safety Meetings", which may sound like simple Bacchanalean festivals of overindulgence, but really have brought many of the crew up here together into a tightknit bunch of very good friends.

My Three Sons
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Tweak, tweak, tweak....

Change is good, and some changes can be bad.

Change from allowing people to post under multiple names or hide behind monikors....

Stop telling people how to post, stop allowing people to run to the owner and cry like a baby, which in turn creates censorship.

I have been censored or emailed by mangement when they had the facts wrong, but listened to a whiner.

Stop trying to protect sponsors just because they pay for an ad here. Paying for an ad does not make them better than consumers, or their products better, imho. A free exchange of thoughts is what makes products better, that is if people can accept open feedback!

Stop shoving stupid revenue ideas down the throat of the visitors, if it is worthwhile, they will come and pay, imho.

Stop poaching radio conversations from anglers and build a group that freely exchanges quality information.

Stop trying to make me feel worse than another because they have a fish!

I'll stop and get off my soapbox now. Happy Holidays. Here's wishing more fine fisherman make connections here and other worthy places on the net!

Thanks for your efforts John & Louis, I think it's getting better around here since you came back, imho.
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I agree with your opinions Dave. I do think that if we all act with a little more common courtesy and respect for one another this will be a much better place.

All we can do as moderators is eliminate the trash when we see it start to happen. Thanks for your continued support. We will see what happens.
Thanks have been a contributor for a long time here. Your points are well taken.
It is about time. When I go to a fishing report board that's what I want to see. Fishing Reports. I would suggest a hard format where the poster just fills in the blanks. Maybe you could have a button to view comments for those that like that , but the main display would be fishing reports in a recognize, consistent and easy to use format.
Too many boards!

The BS board is the main board. The reason there's BS on the fishing reports board is:
1) Fishing sucks
2) Weather sucks

Why is this an issue? Are there good reports that are being drowned out by BS?

Look at how many boards here are just dead dead dead. Most people don't have time to sort them all, so they hit a few of the popular ones and that's it.

Let's boycott the BS board. Nobody post except in this thread!
>>>>Look at how many boards here are just dead dead dead. Most people don't have time to sort them all, so they hit a few of the popular ones and that's it.
>>>Let's boycott the BS board. Nobody post except in this thread!
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