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Short report as I just got back. I took this trip with my son and parents. It started poorly with Alaska Air's incompetence costing us the first day's fishing due to late flight/missed connection but the lodge made special accommodation to get us there. Alaska Air=F and
Waterfall=A. It was wet(expected) and cold(around 40 F and definitely not expected given it was mid June).

Waterfall is a first class facility and everything was great. Great accommodations in the middle of nowhere and we had a great guide. If you ever get the chance, don't hesitate.

Now for fishing. All the smaller halibut you could want as we easily limited out and did catch/release. Since we were using salmon gear, these smaller halibut fishing was actually lot of fun. Couple of days we were able to go offshore and caught bigger(30-40 lbs)halibut with assorted ling(slot limit which meant releasing bigger ones) and snappers. Unfortunately, as it is in all of SE Alaska right now, King Salmon fishing was slow. It is not clear whether this is a really bad year or they are just several weeks late. After 3.5 days of hard fishing we caught 6 between the 4 of us and released 3 smaller ones that missed the size limit by only 1 inch or less. As bad as that might be, I think we had as many as any other groups of 4 and certainly many others had less. On the first day my 10 y/o son caught a 23.9 lbs King that won the "King of the day" contest as the largest which was really cool.

Overall, a great trip at a fantastic lodge with great staff. Salmon fishing was poor but that is why it is called fishing and not catching although I would not have minded a catching trip.
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