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WCBRT photos

This was my 2nd year for the WCBRT and it was once again a great event. There were many more observers than in 2007 which allowed them to place observers on every boat. While most of the observers stayed at the Tesoro, my wife was along for the week and I had digs east of town, so I missed out on some of the after-dark activities. It was amazing to see the Team Bad Company Viking 60 blast away and be over the horizon before many boats got up to speed on the shotgun start. Its a freakin hot rod.I rode with the Brazilian (team Spedo)team on Yahoo, a 40+ Bertram on day one, Pura Vida on the 60 Bertram, "Crazy Horse" on day two, bye day on three and fished the observer tournament on the 52 Egg Harbor Ez Duz It. Not many releases with these teams, but they knew how to have fun and keep the beer companies in the black. On Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to hook and release a stripe marlin on a drop back bait just as the wind started kicking everyone's behind to take 2nd and won a bitchin Melton wrapped rod. We saw many more fish in that area, but it was so sloppy that you could'nt safely get on them. Glad to see so many SoCal guys down there and from the Observer class we put on earlier this year. Dan

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