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We need a safety meeting! ...

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Ok ...Little over two months before the Cayucos disaster, but seems Dave has lost his safety equipment. Think we better jump in and save him ... before he ends up like this guy! Lets put one together!

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I've seen that guy. He's among those drawing up the MPA's and has even volunteered to begin checking daily bag limits of private boaters returning to the ramps. The underwear drinker has risen. :)
He BEAT the rap?
What a nutsack!
A lucky nutsack!

We do need a Safety Meeting before Cayucos, and probably before Moss....although Moss is fast approaching.
And, Big and Julie still up for the trip?

My Three Sons
We are on Dave ......... Pick me up on Thursday .... Julie will ride up with the girls on Friday.
Got it, tetaki monster.
We'll be in touch via batphone to fill in the blanks,
Welcome aboard!

My Three Sons
Mike ..... Drag the boat up to Moss for the Salmon opener ..... big party .. big fun ... come on up
Dustin and I are towing up Thursday March 30. I'm picking him up in Paso. Stuart is also towing up that day with his buddy.
The womenfolk arrive the next day.
We are towing to Moss and the way Moss is set up you really need two guys to handle the launch and the trailer parking.
We are staying at the Moss Landing RV Park...I have a cab over camper (we call it the Gay Caballero) on my truck and so does Stuart.
Thursday night looks to be boys' night general stupidity at the biker bar.
Friday is "recovering and getting ready" for the opener Saturday morning.
We plan on fishing Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

My Three Sons
Sounds like you Caballero's Alegre will be having a good old Brokeback time! :D
Dont know much about that stuff just ranchin. George Bush
"Ranchin'" ......... Dont EVEN want to hear that in a sentence while at Moss!
OK, Ladies...we know about the Wrangler cabover rendezvous in Moss, but what about the Safety Meeting? Weather looks like shite this weekend and Brophy's may be the only safe harbor. Anyone? Craig.

Parker 2320
ch 18/68

I'm in Craig....Saturday night is best...but Friday's not impossible.
We'll see if we can round up a few of the usual suspects...and let's see if Robert will release the death grip on the tennis raquet and put his man-pants on for a change.

Tee Off?
Leaving for paradise...... better known as Fresno right now. Thinking of swinging by and saying hi to the Hanford Navy. You all be carefull this weekend, no sword fights in Brophys!
Sorry to say I have way too much boat left so I won't be able to swing it. I know you guys are going to have a blast regardless of the fishing.
Hey Mitch...what does that mean? too much boat left? you don't need any boat, just a credit card. I'm still looking ok for Sat nite. Professor?
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