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Hi Rubble,

Thanks as always ..... gotta shoot up to the PB board to see if you've posted a new one.

No chummers BUT I had to laugh and feel sorry for one particular ferry making the trip to Catalina !! The ferry is kind of an old boat that regularly ferries the school kids !! The Catalna something. Not the fast boats! You know those old double-decker models. That ferry was just long enough to NOT be able to take the 7 sec interval 7~8 ft (minimum0 wind wavees/swells) and 1/3 of the boat was disappearing every time the bow went into a trough !! It was NOT pretty !!

Ohhhhh baby ... can you imagine the mess the ferry crew had with the load of kids !! Poor little guys may never want to ride a boat again !!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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