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Weird weather!

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Well I was all packed and ready to go last night, Christmas evening, targeting shallow water rockfish, and bass down in Descanzo bay. At 7:30 pm got a call from Tony, "it's going to rain all day", sorry we have to cancel. Had not looked at the weather report, especially after spending such a spectacular day at my sister's in Gavilon Springs, near Riverside, for a family Christmas get together.

It was just plain drop dead gorgeous outside Sunday, and dreams of catching some fish tacos, were dancing in my head. Gad 90 degrees in Diamond Bar on Sat. 80 degrees Sun. and rain today? Go figure, not the way to end 2005, which for most of us has been a disappointing year. Hope to get out maybe Thursday, weather and work permitting.

I trust everyone had a splendid Christmas, and to all a Happy New Year! May 2006 equal, or surpass 2004 fishing, which was a sensational year.

Hook Up! Cory
P.S. we do however, need the rain bad.
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The swell will be here all week.
If any wind shows up, it could be a bumpy ride for those Fish Tacos.
The fog may be around this week also.
If you go Cory, please be careful.

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