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Western Pride 1/2 am

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Went out on the am boat yesterday and i was excited to see that jeff was going to run the boat so i new it was going to be a good trip. I went with my friend jesse and the boat left on time at six am. While we were getting bait i decided to throw the gulp shrimp and it produced two juvy seabass about twenty inches each. That was it for me at the bait dock but two other people brought in legal halis, nice way to start a trip. The plan was to go to dana and fish the bass. Once we got there the baby cuda were swarming it was almost impossible to get a bait down without getting torn apart. But we made due and we started pulling in decent size bass with some sculpin mixed in. I caught two calicos on the plastic one being a nice two lber.I also caught a nice little hali on the sardine. Other than that we picked away at the same spot for the whole trip and the winner of jackpot was a three or four pound sand bass, would have won jackpot but my hali was a quarter inch short . All in all it was good day on the water. Count- 21 anglers 39 sand bass 9 calico and 2 halibut.
My count 2 juvy seabass, three calicos, two sand bass one legal and a barely short hali. O and thousands of baby cuda haha

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Hi Seanboi,

Good job on the fishys ... especially the plastic. Too bad about the flatish fishy !!


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