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What Happened to Harbor Tackle in SB?

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Went down to get some tackle this afternoon at Harbor Tackle and it's gone. Did Paul finally sell it? Too bad he had alot of stuff for the surf that I couldn't get a Mr. Shin's, hopefully HL&S will fill in the gap.
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If everything is actually gone then I doubt he sold it. Maybe he sold the inventory. If he's gone that's too bad as he had the best plastic selection in town. -Dr Bob (
Yea Rob, that's why I always went down there, althogh Mr. Shin has a good selection also, but Paul had those hard to get models, oh well Mr. shin is the only game in town as West Marine is a bunch of Buffo---, ah, never mind they don't know anything about the local needs, I couldn't even get 4lb line for my surf gear and one time I went in and asked where I could find Sabiki rigs and the rep on the floor looked at me like when you ask a dog a question-tilted head, what's a Sabiki rig? need I say more?
The place was for sale for a while. I guess he didn't get what he wanted.
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