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What U Like Most About Your Boat

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Speak up.

For myself, it's being on a trailer and within striking distance of our local Channel Islands, Morro Bay, and Eric's Tackle in Ventura. The shitt! Let's not forget she's paid off too :)
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The 2 things I like best about my boat are:

1. Its located right next to my girlfriends boat.

2. Its an awesome sportfisher and a floating condo.

Yeah my boat is pretty sweet.

Zach Lehmann
33' Riviera
"Mess Around"
1. i'm able to bring a CAMERA on my boat to take PICTURES of the fish i catch;

2. my girlfriend bought it for me.

Gettin' Ugly
Glendon keeps me out of bars?
No, that's not it.

Uh, it's paid for?
Nope, not it either.

It doesn't cost much to own and run?

It woeks flawlessly every time?

I'll get back to you...this may take a while.

My Three Sons
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It takes me where only a boat can take me.....AWAY FORM THE MAIN LAND, AND THE MAINLAND BS.

Free-dom :the quality or state of being free :Independence

Parker 2520
I've said it before, but since you asked, I can't resist...

I've had my 17 ft Anderson, the "Andale" since 1990...
Since then, I have bagged literally several tons of fish, thousands of lobster, and countless perfect surf days...

People scoff at its size, it is a glorified jetski, yet I have been as far as 75 miles offshore in the thing. It is stout, fast, reliable, and seaworthy. In it I have fished from the Mushroom to the Santa Lucia Bank. I have circumnavigated all of the offshore islands...Although some scoff at it's size, there is NEVER a day when someone doesn't come up and marvel at it's beauty.

I was on the verge of ordering the bigger newer model this year, I came to my senses, and realized that I loved the Andale too much to part with her...I had it as good as sold, to my prior boat partner...he would have been the only person to own the same boat twice (he of course also realizes what a gem she is).

When I die, I'm going to have a viking funeral on the thing...put my body on it, point it west, and have a flaming arrow shot into when you see that westward trail of smoke, you know that both my, and the Andale's time has come....

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I'm self-sufficient on my boat, and I could stay out there for days!
I go where I want, when I want, with whoom I want, and I come back when I want.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
1. It's paid for (not that a boat is ever truly paid for)

2. There is storage for my beer
It was my wife's decision to buy it, not mine......wait is that what I like most or least? ;)
1. Im glad its on a trailer to go where the fish are !!
2. I feel safer on the rubber ducky than on most other boats.
3. It runs almost on fumes 6.2 mpg at 28 mph.
4. It only needs 18in of water to float.
5. Has a range of 125 miles plus 5 gal cans at 30 miles per can.
6. Its pretty comfortable for a small boat.
7. Its the dryest center console boat ive seen .
8. Bad fishin for sharks and marlin though !!
The pilot house, autopilot, & single diesel inboard power.

I am warm, I do not have to steer, and it is reliable.
Hey Scot I looked at your site under the section "homes with boat docks" and have decided to take all of these:

16070 Mariner Dr 2 Huntington Beach 3 2 $3,200
16411 Wimbledon Ln Huntington Beach 3 2.5 $3,500
16861 Bolero Ln Huntington Beach 5 4 $6,000
3565 Courtside Cir Huntington Beach 4 3 $6,500

Do you take CASH?

A/K/A Private Boat "Fin-Addict"
>Hey Scot I looked at your site under the section "homes with
>boat docks" and have decided to take all of these:
> 16070 Mariner Dr 2 Huntington Beach 3 2 $3,200
> 16411 Wimbledon Ln Huntington Beach 3 2.5 $3,500
> 16861 Bolero Ln Huntington Beach 5 4 $6,000
> 3565 Courtside Cir Huntington Beach 4 3 $6,500
>Do you take CASH?
>A/K/A Private Boat "Fin-Addict"

I believe those are the rental rates ;)
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1st - It's safe, seaworthy and I trust it.
2nd - I can fly if I want to.....35+ kts.
3rd - Great fishing and hooping platform.
4th - Easy to trailer, launch and retrieve.
You're only 80% correct.

And 5th . . . you can eat off the deck of the bilge.
I bet if you keep the boat another 5 years you just might scratch it.

Chris -

Yes, I have rentals on there now as well.

The waterfront homes have gone WAY up just like everything else. Despite what you read in the newspaper about a slow market, there really aren't too many good deals out there. The lowest Huntington Harbour SFR waterfront which recently went into escrow was listed for $2.3 million.
Seems HH finally caught up with NB and Alamitos! For years I've said that HH was a bargain and a great place to find a waterfront home! Only drawback is that damn bridge and Military! Otherwise a great harbor with lot's to see and explore. Not much in bar's and restaurants for boaters to pull their boats up, but still a great harbor. At $2.3 as the floor, I think they finally caught up! Great thing about your business Scott, is that waterfront property will almost never loose value, and will always have a captive audience!
The waterfront homes are being pushed up for two demographic reasons:

1) The baby boomers who own the homes are not ready to sell yet.

2) There are a bunch of baby boomers out there who have made some BIG $$$ and they are ready to spend it on a waterfront home now that their kids have moved out.

Of course, low interest rates, solid job growth, and the weather in Southern California each help the values.

I love my business just because I get to see so many nice waterfront homes.

Life is good.
Piad off
Easy on gas
Can fish it solo
Catches fish
Perfect size to tow
Ton of deck space
Big fish hold
180miles range
can fish butts to marlin on it
oh , did I say it catches fish :D.
Looks good in the driveway

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