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What's going on at Catalina?

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I'm making my first trip over in the new boat and was wondering if anybody's got any info. I'm bringing a buddy and three kids 8-12. Leaving around noon on sat. and was thinking about trying for bonita around the east end for a couple of hours then working around the backside to see if there's anything thing that looks white seabassish. Then looking to try some hoop netting before getting a mooring at cat harbor. I thought we'd try again in the early AM and then head home around noon on sun.

I don't have much experience at catalina I've always fished offshore down south. Any help is appreciated and give us a call if you're in the area.


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Ohhhhh does your boat name bring back memories . . .
It was the name of my previous boat, and my former 'handle' HERE.
The handle was outlawed here! LMAO!

Good Luck at the island!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
The bones are supposed to be fairly thick right now, so you should do well on those. As you know, thems is great for the kids and me too.:D
I troll bonito fearthers around the east end from seal rock to church rock, this method works well for me . After I find the fish, we usualy get them going on bait. Have fun. BIG TENTACLES OUT !!!
Bring a two gallon bucket full of home made chum.

Wrangler Chum:
4 cans canned mackerel,
4 cans of canned tuna in oil(I like the oil, makes a better chum slick) or water or tuna cat food
fill remaining space with oatmeal, then fill with water....make sure it is mixed nice and great to bring the macs and bones around....will keep them around a long as you toss a and full or two every 5 will have a blast.

Try just outside the harbor and around the toward the quarry.

Also Hen rock is a good spot to try.....

Last time i was out, it was Gun and Run, so no time or need to chum.

Have fun, be safe.

Post a report.
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Thanks Guys! I'll try it and let you know how i goes.


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