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Where Do I Buy My Bait in Hawaii? What's My 2nd Option?

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Where? Seafood City in Waipahu on Oahu! My 2nd Option? Use Packaged Fishbites!

I always use live freshly caught crab on location in most of my videos when i'm on location. But if i'm setting-up & don't have the time to hunt around i use pre-frozen squid. I bring a small amount with me as using fresh squid gives me time to gather my live crabs. But what happens if i have no bait? Recently i've been using Fishbites. The great people there sent me a large sample pack to use. And they do work by the way! I belong to a New Zealand Fishbite group on social media & their catches using Fishbites is impressive! Last week my buddy Thomas McKinley (The Hungry Fisherman on YT) used Fishbites for the first time & he caught in downtown Honolulu near Waikiki.

So when next we meet i'll gift Thomas a few bags of what Fishbites sent to me. Pay it forward. Getting back to the main subject to my fellow anglers on Oahu this is where i purchase my bait when needed. Most seasoned anglers are aware of this place but the newbies to visiting anglers & those anglers in the military who just arrived here i hope this helps. Never purchase from Super Markets as they "clean" everything. That eliminates the scent needed to attract predator species.


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