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Who's Going To The LA Boat Show This Weekend?

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I'll be there Saturday. I will have to make the rounds to my favorite booths like Porta-Bote, all the engine companies, electronics & the rest of the good stuff. I might even buy something if the deals are good. I'll be there when it opens & stay most of the day.
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Hey Steve . .

I went one time years back and I'll never be back.
They did not have a good selection of fishing boats IMO.
More pleasure boats & jetskis and stuff.
For fishing boats FRED HALL is the show.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
I'm gonna head there on Monday, we're going to talk to the engine guys...

Looking to talk to Volvo, Yanmar and others about the new twin diesels we are looking for.....

Theres a new moon this weekend, the bugs will be crawlin' and I need a lobster fix... So I'll pass... John is right, Fred Hall is really where it's at for fishin' rigs!
I agree that the Fred Hall show is in a class of it's own & I'll be there too, but the major engine co reps are not all at Fred Hall. Last year Honda & Suzuki were at Fred Hall, but I didn't see Yamaha, Merc, Evinrude. Yeah, the LA show is polluted with boats I wouldn't be caught dead in & assorted kitchen gadgets on display, but it's still a boat show. Maybe I'll see some Allcoasters there. I think I'll be wearing a blue shirt from Specialty Marine(thanks for the shirt Eric).
I'll be there. Most likely Saturday morning. Big mission is to find and talk to the Volvo motor reps. HardFish'n.
I'll be there on Sunday with my family.
Looking for lake gear. Good deals to be found on life vest for the kid and wakeboards etc. Maybe a new boat...a Malibu? :)
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