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Yesterday I was on the lake (Lake Havasu) for the better part of the day. We spent the afternoon at the sandbar (up river).

Weather was hot (115f), calm wind (5mph) and slightly overcast.

At about 5PM I looked to the east and saw dark clouds.
At about 5:10PM, I saw lightning.
At about 5:15PM, I saw dust clouds off in the distance.

Hmmmmm . . .

At about 5:20 the sandbar turned into the sandblast. 100 yards of water width turned into white caps in all of 2 minutes.

Time to GOOOOO!

Got a mile down river when the wind decided to take control of the boat (23' Chaparral deck boat - - 4,000 pounds). I have double bimini's and they turned into parachutes. I had to stop and un-zip, and stow them. Got back undeway and still had the wind pushing me West. We had gusts between 40 and 50 mph in the river canyon.

Got to the lake and found 4' swells moving West and growing. Wind was ripping the top off the white caps and blowing the water sideways and UP.

We hugged the Easy shore all the way to the canal, and found several boats having severe difficulty - bumping into each other trying to navigate the canal.

My slip faces East, and with the wind FROM the East, it was trying to blow me into the slip - - - sideways. Reverse, a little throlle, and I actually had pretty good control and was able to drop her square into the slip.

The wife was quite upset about the weather as the TV was broadcasting - on ALL channels - a severe lake alert, and had been since 4PM. I was back at the house by 6:30.

This morning I heard 6 boats went down trying to get back to the launch ramp. most of em were those go-fast boats with 4" of freeboard and a 600HP V8 in the back. But at least ONE was a decent size boat with a fare amount of freeboard - bow rider type tho. It only goes ta show ya - - it ain't just the OCEAN that can get ya . . . it's WATER it self.

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