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Time To Get A Better Grip! Use Winn For The Win!

The uses of this adhesive wrapping tape is endless. I just know from the main supplier/distributor for the USA that this is a great product! Jeff sent me a box and asked me to try them out. For fishing it's great for wet hands to wet fishing rods. This means plugging rods. So my #1 plugging rod was the guinea pig from Okuma Fishing USA when they sent me a prototype plugging rod commissioned by Jeff Robles Associates for field testing.

My only issue using this product is how the UV takes its toll on the skin of the tape. It wrinkles after 2-1/2yrs of constant sun & salt exposure. Most things do, including us. Golfers won't experience this as they may play in the sun but not the surf. Right now most of my plugging rods are wrapped with Winn. Most have been for years. I was told the materials used have been improved (which i can attest to). I started with that 1st prototype. Now i own over a dz plugging rods so none of them are getting uv burnt.



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