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I just thought I would pass this along, I read the earlier post and have some more info...

Western Outdoor News changed the formats of the saltwater tournaments to a jackpot style where the single biggest fish take the cash. Each tournament has 2 fish categories, and the bigger fish (by weight) of either category will win the prize. I was going to fish this one, but work is keeping me from fishing. It will be a Sea Bass/Halibut tournament. I would assume you would be better off fishing Sea Bass, but a big 'butt will weight heavy if there are small sea bass around???

May 20-21 @ two Harbors

1st prize $19,870
5,000 cash
Yamaha 150 4 stroke($13,870)
$1,000 penn shopping spree

2nd Prize $3,750
3rd Prize $2,750
(Pays down to 10th place)

Also $50, $100, $200 optional Jackpots

plus a $9,000 mega Raffle before the event. T-shirt , hat, goodie bags etc.

$400 per team (4 man teams)

for more info. (949) 366-0030 X27

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Thank You for posting this information!

On one hand it will be hard for a Halibut to beat out a big WSB,
yet on the other hand if the boat pressure is heavy and the WSB
decide to take the weekend off, well a 30+ pound Halibut might
just do the trick.

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.

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JMO --- WON Catalina Jackpot tournament


My guess is that it will take at least a 40+# snipe to win.

Over the last few years the winning fish has steadily increased in size. Last year I had a 26# fish that would have won 1st place a couple of years ago and I was out of the money.

Last year I was also surprised at the number of large halibut (20+# that were weighed in. I figured a 10# to 15# fish would place; if my memory is correct it took something over 20#.

The side pots will certainly make things interesting and are a great idea. Three pots ($50, $100, $200) exist for both halibut and wsb. 90% payback and winner take all. (I'd prefer a 65%/25%/10% split among the top three fish caught by participating teams, but that's JMO and I am sure that everyone will have an equally valid opinion.)

Last year about 100 teams participated in the tournament. If half the boats enter all three halibut pots ($50, $100, $200), $15,000+ will be up for grabs. You could catch a 25# 'but, "lose" to a 45# ghost and pocket more cash than the 'winner'.

While I have not discussed this with my team, I'm uncertain if we are going to fully participate in the halibut side pots. I don't want to lose focus and be pulled away from prime snipe territory out of frustration. That said, fish have tails and this won't be the first time that I've regretted a $$$ decision, but that's tournament fishing.

Finally, with the cash payouts at significant levels, I hope WON takes a page out of the bass circuit and performs boat checks at the check-in. (Annoying though the checks might be, they still beat long speeches in the hot sun!) I fear that with significant cash at stake, the incentive to bend the rules will be too tempting for some. It would be a shame if a great tournament looses its credibility.

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