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WTF is this??????

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If you squint really hard, it looks like a horses' head.

Since it doesn't look like a proper fishing boat, I wonder if it will be at the LA Boat Show.
Batman returns

What? You've never seen the bat-mo-boat before?

I liked it better in black tho.
Saw that thing in the water at MDR last fall then at the washdown later. Albsolutly ridiculus looking thing.
They are for real. For sale in MDR. I have seen them out many times. The view must be something when up to speed, but it looks like it landed from outer space. Go figure.
In the car business they say there is an ass for every seat, but this takes that logic to a whole new level.

But, then again I could see Club Med & Sandles buying some of these for their tropical oceanfront resorts. The guests would probably love 'em.
The Looker? I thought for a minute it said "the Hooker" and it took on a whole different meaning!! :).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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